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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be an Integrated Renewable Energy company and Independent Power Producer providing electric power from Renewable Energy Technologies, RETs, for the benefit of rural and urban communities.


About Rubitec Africa

Rubitec Africa represents the combined expertise and successful track record of Rubitec Nigeria Ltd; Wawa Energy Solutions Ltd; Mark-George Consultants and BAS Associates Consulting. Through our combined 30 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector and consulting, we bring our customers and partners exceptional value for total satisfaction.

What We Do

Solar Photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic

We are capable of providing Solar Photovoltaic equipment and Inverter Back-up Systems for a wide variety of applications.

Mini Grid Systems

Mini grid/off -grid electrification solutions

Electrification provides the greatest impact on rural dwellers as it improves all areas of their lives.

Mini Grid Systems

Why Solar?

Reliable and Consistent Power Supply

Solar provides a consistent and regular means of power supply.

Eco Friendly

Solar is environment friendly, as a result CO2 emissions are reduced, which contributes less to global warming.


Maintenance Free

By going in for solar power, you will cut your cost of electricity at home or office.


Free and Abundant Energy Source

Solar energy serves as an important source of renewable energy.

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